We are mindful of clients' budgets and offer different streams of fees, depending on the value of the dispute - payable 50/50 by the parties unless parties themselves agree otherwise:

-        Low cost mediation services are available where the dispute is of little or no commercial value and the parties are prepared to use a time limited service – e.g. mediation for a couple of hours at 120€ per hour with a minimum of 2 hour pre-payment to avoid last-minute cancellations.

-        Fixed fee day service - in more complicated commercial cases where lawyers and/or courts are already involved, we suggest to book at least one calendar day for resolving the dispute and a fixed fee ranging from 1600-2000€ per day can be agreed. Our mediators will work with you beyond business hours, if a settlement is progressing. Even when parties don’t reach agreement on the day, they frequently settle weeks later as a result of the mediation having triggered a slightly expanded view of the issues. Compared to litigation costs an all-day mediation is good value for money to break deadlocks.