Have you ever had an inspiring conversation with someone, who has inspired you to look at your life differently by asking just one question? Or, perhaps, you’ve had a conversation with a friend that has motivated you to go and take that first or last step? Talking to people that inspire you makes you want things, makes you go and do things. When someone support you like that, it makes you dare to dream. Friends like that are worth their weight in gold. So are excellent professional motivators.

My journey to becoming a coach began just like that – from inspiring conversations. When many of my friends and acquaintances had sought me out to thank me for that one crucial question that made them go and found their own law office or write that book, I was happy to be a source of inspiration. To my surprise I found out that with Erickson College's principled solution-focussed approach, inspiration can be used to help anyone who really wants to invite change into their life. That’s why I became a professional motivator (professional muse might be a better term) who can help people be the best tthat hey can be and people who want make the most of their talents and abilities.